One Way or Another

I drove past a large billboard that challenged motorists to “Dream Bigger.” That is a great concept that all of us should embrace. Sadly, that billboard was more of a sign of our times than advice we should take seriously. It was promoting people to dream bigger by spending more of their money on the state lot**ry in hopes of getting rich quick.

What happened to the time when dreaming bigger meant reaching for the stars, having goals that were bigger than what we thought we were capable of, striving for things not previously accomplished but well worth seeking? Why not dream bigger by believing “I can do all things through Christ.” May we live for Christ with complete abandonment and join Paul as fools for Christ. 

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Philippians 4:13)


Thank you to those who responded to my question of whether you are committed to raising your children to be debt free. I’m thrilled that families are making this choice. There were too many who responded to reply personally to, but I’ve found a way to begin corresponding with you. If you will go to our Titus2 blog, and sign up to receive the blog via email on the right sidebar. Enter your email address and click “Subscribe.” You will begin receiving the blog by email. I will be writing brief posts and stories that will encourage you in your commitment and toward your success. The first post will be September 30th. Will you join me?