Training Our Children?

There is a lot of talk about the Olympics these days. Certainly, national pride and world competition has much to do with it, but I wonder if there isn’t more than that.

How impressive would those teams be if they were comprised of contestants who had been selected by lottery? I believe we are impressed because the athletes had superior training and they perform flawlessly.

Isn’t that why our military is so good? They have first been instructed in what, when, and how; then they are drilled repeatedly to perfect the performance. I believe that is why those who have been home educated are doing so well. Not only are they being educated, but also they are disciplined in the application of that knowledge.

So what does that have to do with us dads? Maybe not a lot, but I did want to make a point. Quality training is respected by almost everyone, and it is no accident. It takes a concerted, organized effort, usually by more than one individual.

We are training this country’s leaders of tomorrow. They will be the ones whose performance is admired. Even now, compliments on a child’s behavior, attitude, and academic performance are not foreign to parents of home-educated children.

In most of your homes, Mom is the day-to-day coach, and Dad keeps things on track for the long run. Dad is the one who holds the children ultimately responsible for learning what Mom is teaching.

I have found that as I’m spending time with a child, something will come up that is an excellent chance to apply what they are learning. I suppose most often they ask a question. The solution will involve a math problem that I help them work in their minds. When I was a child, I disliked word problems in school; they revealed I didn’t know how to apply what I was learning.

Dad’s interest shows the children how important it is to him that they are learning. His encouragement will challenge his children and bless their mother.

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