A Dad’s Power and Authority

There probably aren’t too many situations that will call a father to “arms” quicker than when his child is being picked on by a bully. I have only had it happen a few times to one of my children, but it really got my blood boiling.

What is it about power and authority? Those that have it tend to use it. That is why someone once said, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” If the quote isn’t exact, it is close enough for you to get the point. Those who have power, over time, will tend to use it for their own advantage.

Look at Solomon; he was the wisest man in the whole world. No king had the wisdom that he possessed. You would expect his reign to be picture perfect. Yet that was not the case. He failed to obey God’s Word and then used his power to satisfy his lusts. However, his lusts led his heart toward worshipping false gods.

The power of Solomon’s position allowed him to acquire 700 wives and 300 concubines. Can you imagine that? He used his power to indulge in pleasure against the warning of God’s Word. It was the ruin of his kingdom.

What about dads? As leaders of our families, we have the power and authority to make the decisions. Certainly, we may be tempted to make decisions for our own selfish ends.

Christ, as our example, had absolute power, but He used it only to serve others as directed by the Father. He did not use it for His own selfish pleasure.

It is easy for us dads to be bullies in our own homes. I know we don’t see it that way, but isn’t it possible? Just like the bully, we can have what we want. We can have our way all the time if we so choose. The possibilities are endless: dad’s favorite meals, more money for dad’s clothes, dad’s hobbies, dad’s entertainment, dad’s sports, dad’s choice of restaurant, and on and on it goes.

However, just like Solomon, if we neglect to follow the leading of God’s Word and choose to use our power and authority for our benefit, the consequences will be far reaching in our family.

May we be careful to follow Christ’s example and use our authority to serve and minister to our families. We have been entrusted with the care and nurturing of our families; may we, by God’s grace, be faithful stewards.