Homemade Character Training

Very frequently in the course of these Mom’s Corners, I stress the importance of working on character issues with our children. We have looked at the necessity of not only being on the defensive concerning character through consistent discipline, but also being on the offensive with character training sessions. No one knows the particular needs of your children, at this moment, nearly so well as you and your husband do. Therefore, who better than the two of you to plan how this character training will take place? So often we find ourselves in search of the perfect “character curriculum,” when we have the best of the best right under our noses–the Bible and our knowledge of our children.

Prayer is a key ingredient to your character training planning. Begin by praying alone and with your husband, if possible, about what character trait your family should be working on. Don’t just assume that you know what it is; really seek the Lord!

Once you have decided on the character to be tackled, continue praying, asking the Lord to give you creativity in how to present this character trait to your children, and how to make it practical for their lives during your training time. You can tailor the teaching sessions to your own children to ensure that the learning and information fits their needs and learning capabilities. Your examples can be ones that come right from their daily experiences in your home. This will make your character-training time realistic and practical.

Set aside a time in which you plan for character time, and write down your ideas. I can have scheduled character training in our day, but never actually do it. Why? Because I don’t have a plan for how to use that time, and it is easier just to avoid it than try to make up something when I am not prepared. On the other hand, when I know what we would like to accomplish during those minutes, then I will make the effort to be accountable to the scheduled character-training time. Our dear Pastor Anderson in Clearwater, Florida used to tell us, “Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific.” Making your plan isn’t difficult, but having it written down is key to your success.

This process of putting together your own homemade character-training curriculum for scheduled training sessions is quite exciting. Once you get started, you will be surprised how your mind will begin “perking,” and you will come up with lots and lots of ideas. Write them all down, and you are ready to go with your character-training time. Try it; I think you will like it!