Well, Um…

Recently, at a week-long conference I was attending, I spoke to a young pastor who totally shocked me. As we begin talking, the conversation flowed smoothly. I would ask him a question, and he would respond, elaborate, and then ask something about me. We were having a fantastic time getting to know each other. It was a joy. I came away from that time energized and excited.

I had many other conversations that week as I attempted to get to know other men at the conference. The contrast was shocking. Though all the men I spoke with were in Christian service, this young pastor was the only one I talked to who had such conversation skills. Notice I didn’t say “gifting.”conversation

Think about how necessary conversation skills are in life. Whether in ministry, business, or family relationships, we need to be able to communicate effectively. The more I talk with Christian parents, the more I am convinced of the golden opportunity that awaits you in helping your children learn conversation skills. If you want your children to excel in life, they need to have great conversational skills. It is a learned skill that will benefit everyone’s lives greatly. Dad, that includes you, too. Why not make it a family project?

“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” (Proverbs 25:11)