Rerun: I Just Want to Be a Mommy

It is March, and there are still probably three months left of school for those who homeschool before the school year ends. At this point, you may be tired and a bit weary of your homeschooling, with some discouragement mixed in. Summer could seem a long ways off.

I wrote this Mom’s Corner called, “I Just Want to Be a Mommy,” before the start of a school year several years ago when I was still homeschooling my children, but it is very appropriate for how you may be feeling right now. I want to draw your hearts to the wonderful mission you have as a homeschool mom to be a mommy to your children in the very fullest sense of the word. I know there are some who would like to homeschool who read these articles, but aren’t able to for one reason or another. I hope this article encourages you to be your children’s mommy every moment you are able to spend with them.

Read I Just Want to be a Mommy.

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