Leading Where?

You can learn so much about people by observing them. For instance, their outward actions reveal their inner heart.

Most have observed a family that is consistently late for church. What level of respect does the dad communicate for others who have begun to worship and for their God? My guess is that Dad is not consistently late for work because if he was he would be looking for a new job. Does he keep his word to his wife and children when he says he will do something? Does he do it when he said he would? Might this dad be late for the start of the “big game” or sleep in on opening day of deer hunting season? If not, some might rightfully wonder if his entertainment is his god.

Consider the man who is late for most everything. Who would appear to be his god? Could it be himself? Is he such a proud man that all he cares about is himself and expects everyone else to wait on him?

Our lives are an open book for all to read. The decisions we make and our commitment in keeping them tell others what is going on inside of us and whom we are following. Choose to be a man with integrity and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. May we live for Him Who died for us. As we do, we will point others to Him.

“Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11:1)