Hath a Devil?

A while back I was visiting with a pastor of a large church. He told me that if some people didn’t tell him that his message was offensive, he figured he wasn’t doing his job.

Another pastor recently surprised me by saying that when he was interviewing with churches as a possible pastoral candidate, many churches provided him with a list of subjects the pastor could not speak on. Undaunted, he refused to consider any church with such a list.

Don’t we all prefer to be liked? As parents we especially want our children to like us. George Barna in Revolutionary Parenting said that it is not our job to be our children’s friend but to be their best parent. Amen. In the process of being their best parent, there will be times when we tell our children the truth, and they react to us. We must be true to our calling. Our children’s future likely depends on it.

“And many of them said, He hath a devil, and is mad; why hear ye him?” (John 10:20)