Fishing in the Boat

Assume you have a friend who liked to fish, and you knew of a place where the fish would actually jump in the boat. No doubt, he would want to go fishing there because the easiest place of all to fish is “in the boat.” Most of us have a similar opportunity every week. 

Next Sunday when you go to church go “fishing.” First, double check your “gear.” Your motive is love for your neighbor and obedience to the Lord. So often church members come to church, find where they are going to sit, and plop down until the end of the service. (Isn’t that why many churches have “meet and greet” because members sit down and don’t seek out visitors?) May I encourage you that after you find your seat, set your Bible there, and go fishing.

It is a great sadness for someone to visit a church but slide in and out unnoticed, without ever experiencing the “love of Christ.” Their visit to our church is such an opportunity for us to show them love and attention. Make it more than just “Hi, glad you are here” but instead something like, “I’m Steve. Welcome. Do you live in the area? Why did you choose to visit us today? Any questions I can answer for you before the service starts?” Then write their name down and be sure to go find them after the service. Get to know them.  

“And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19).

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