Do You Need a Jump Start?

I am excited to announce to Seriously Dads that I am leading an Business Jump Start course beginning September 30. We have not mentioned it yet on the Titus2 blog or Corners list because I wanted to let you men know first since we are anticipating the need to limit enrollment so that every registrant gets the attention he needs. So if you are a dad on the Seriously list who wants to improve your business, I want to be able to work with you!steve2014blog - Version 3

Whenever we receive an email from a mom who mentions that her husband has a business that is struggling, my heart goes out to her. I know that what struggling business owners often need most is someone with business experience to come alongside. That is what Jump Start is. It is for the Christian who wants to “rev up” his business, whether it is a start-up or established venture.

There will be a weekly webinar (at least 30 minutes in length) in each of the five weeks of the course. If you are not available to watch at the scheduled time, no problem, you can view it after work. The part I’m most excited about is the individual, weekly, 30-minute Skype session during which we will work together on specific issues that relate to your business. Click the Business Jump Start for more information, and if you have any questions, email me. I am looking forward to working with you.

“With the advice and instruction I received from Steve, I have been able to better understand the business world. My business has become more organized and efficient, and I make almost twice as much as I did before as a result of his business experience.” —