An Introduction …

I want to introduce someone to you. To you all, she is Teri Maxwell, to me, she is my wife and “Sweetheart.” 

To homeschooling moms, she is seen as the mom who made scheduling practical and achievable with the resulting benefit of an organized and peaceful home. She has helped tens of thousands of moms see that it is actually possible to get it all done AND be both sane and happy. Years ago she was in trouble, with too much to do, and not enough time to do it. Together we worked to simplify her life so that it was manageable. We found by simply “automating” many of her daily decisions we got the big, ugly, evil green gorilla off her back. To me, she is a fantastic manager of our home, where it is peaceful and orderly – a place I’m happy to come home to and proud to welcome guests in.

To those struggling with depression, Teri is a beacon of hope pointing to the Lord Jesus Christ and a myriad of practical choices that gain freedom from the “evil gorilla.” Because Teri has been crushed by depression, ruled by anger, and hounded by the guilt of what she wasn’t accomplishing, nor the mom she wanted to be, weary, heavy-laden, moms know Teri understands them. To me she is a trophy of how God, in His mercy, can exchange beauty for ashes in all of our lives.

To our ten children she is “Mom.” Eight children who are seeking to follow their Lord Jesus Christ on this earth and two more who are with the Lord Jesus waiting for her in Heaven. Teri knows the pain of losing children through miscarriage therefore others who have lost children know she can relate to them. To me, her walk is one of daily, obediently, trusting in her Lord, that all things work together for good. She is the love of my life.

To her daughters-in-law she is one who will (like clockwork), spend time lovingly playing with and reading to the grandchildren and will invest in their homes when she senses she can be an encouragement. To me she is an example of investing energy into the lives of those you love.

So why this for a Seriously? I want the story of our lives together to encourage you in a couple of areas. You are a team with your wife. As goes with her – goes with you. If she hurts, you hurt. Brothers, I plead with you, if she is trouble, do whatever can be done – move Heaven and earth – to help her.

Show her your gratitude and if you aren’t grateful, repent. Love, cherish and nourish her. “For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church” (Ephesians 5:29). Lavish your love on her, not only Sunday, Mother’s Day, but every day.