A Mother’s Gratefulness

Having a baby creates many great topics for a Mom’s Corner. What I want to share with you this month has to do with a grateful spirit versus a critical one.

My family graciously and lovingly allows me to stay in bed recovering for a week after the birth of a baby. Steve takes time off work while the rest of the family helps him run the home. Sarah especially went “extra miles” in serving and blessing. Not only did she spend her days accomplishing things that I normally would do, but she also wanted to do special things for Mom. She made my favorite candy for dessert one night and my favorite breakfast the next morning. She was careful to have a treat of some kind on my plate each meal and would often hold the baby while I ate. Sarah was the one who went through the house picking things up and putting them away so the house would stay tidy.

The week after Mary’s birth gave me the perfect opportunity to work on a grateful spirit. There were times when, even though others were doing all my work for me and relieving me of almost all responsibility, I would criticize how a job was done or perhaps its timing. My heart grieved when the Lord would prompt me that I had had an ungrateful attitude. How much better to express my gratitude for what was done and let love cover over any inadequacies.

Steve has helped me see, as we discussed my desire to learn to have a grateful spirit, how just saying “thank you” is not always enough. I have felt I was grateful because I said “thank you,” so I must admit, I did not receive his insight graciously at first.

I am seeing in my life that I can choose to be grateful for what my family does, or I can be critical about how it was done. Which attitude is going to generate a desire in their heart to have a servant’s spirit and be willing to help? I can get so wrapped up in the job being done well that I forget to have a spirit of praise and commendation.

I have had to stop myself many times in the past three weeks to try again with what I was starting to say. I have had to go back and ask forgiveness for an ungrateful spirit. It is not easy for me to humble myself. I can usually justify any criticism that I am giving out, but I feel God is working in my life to have a grateful heart instead.

I pray that you, too, will think about how you can express your gratitude to the members of your family, not just a “thank you” but also a genuine attitude of praise. We express our love by building others up, and gratefulness will certainly do that. I hope God will continue to work a grateful spirit in each of our lives!